About Us

Our bakery is family owned and operated, and has been serving the Flemington area for generations. At The Mixing Bowl we're committed to using only the finest and freshest ingredients in everything we make. You can count on us to bring you the very best in baked goods.


Stop by our shop and feast your eyes on our hand made, home style creations.  We carry a selection of both old fashioned baked goods that we all remember from our childhoods and new, innovative creations.  VEGAN selections are on hand daily. Or go through our website for more information about our products.

Eileen Schettino

Eileen realized her love of baking in the 1960's when she received her first Easy Bake Oven.  The inconvenience of baking with a light bulb never slowed her down.  Decades later (while using a real stove now) Eileen could be seen showing up at Scouting, Sporting, and 4H events with platters of cookies, brownies, and cupcakes.  With two children grown and the support of her husband, Eileen is opening The Mixing Bowl to continue her love of feeding people.