Whether it's a traditional birthday cake, a unique creation to celebrate a special occasion, or an everyday treat to satisfy a sweet tooth, The Mixing Bowl is the place to visit. Craving a piece of cake, but you don't trust yourself with the rest of it on your counter?  The Mixing Bowl is glad to sell cakes by the slice.  Don't forget us for cupcakes decorated for bachelor and bachelorette parties. (both amusing and tasteful)


Whether you're turning 1 or 100 (and we won't ask your age), we have just the cake for you.  Maybe a cake isn't right for your celebration.  How about a giant cookie or tiers of beautifully decorated cupcakes.  Only come to The Mixing Bowl if you want your friends taking about your party long after the last dishes are washed.  Give us a call at (908) 237-0666 and let us know how we can help  make your next party memorable.