Suprise anyone special in your life with our Mini Cupcake Bouquet of Flowers! Pick and choose your flavors for personalization! 

Cupcakes come in mini and regular sizes with a variety of cakes and frostings available.

Frosting Flavors

Pictured Below:

• Chocolate Frosted • Coconut Frosted Topped with Coconut • Mint Frosted 

• Mocha Frosted • Orange Frosted  • Oreo Frosted

• Salted Caramel Frosted Topped with Caramel • Peanut Butter Frosted • Raspberry Frosted

• Piña Colada Frosted Topped with Pineapple Candy • Strawberry Frosted • Vanilla Frosted

• Red Velvet Frosted • Bubblegum Frosted • Key Lime Frosted


Not Pictured: • Root Beer Float • S'more

jumbo vs mini Jumbo Stuffed Size vs. Mini Size

Thematic Cupcakes